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STRAIGHT BILL OF LADING - SHORT FORM RESET FORM Carrier Name Carrier Address City State and Zip TO Consignee Address FROM Shipper FOR PAYMENT SEND BILL TO Name Number Shipping Units HQ Phone Date SHIPMENT IDENTIFICATION NO. Lawful charges. ARE PREPAID UNLESS The agreed or declared value of the property is hereby specifically stated by the shipper MARKED COLLECT to be not exceeding Signature of Consignor per CHECK BOX IF COLLECT RECEIVED subject to the classifications and lawfully filed...
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Who needs a Straight Bill of Lading (short form)?

A Straight Bill of Lading is used by the carrier to register the delivery of merchandise to the appropriate recipient in the case when payment has been made in advance of shipment.

What is the Straight Bill of Lading (short form) for?

A Straight Bill of Lading form is a standard document, including information from the shipping company on cargo, its quantity, and destination. Straight Bill of Lading provides the description of packaging: its weight articles, special marks, and exceptions. The “short form” means that this bill does not include the terms and conditions of carriage (the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of the carrier and the shipper). This form may serve as a proof of shipment of the goods to customs, as well as an evidence of the fulfillment of obligations under the contract.

Is the Straight Bill of Lading (short form) accompanied by other forms?

The short form of Straight Bill of Lading template is not accompanied by other forms. However, you should realize that this document is not the only document required for the transportation of goods across the border.

When is Straight Bill of Lading (short form) due?

There is now any particular time of action for this form. The completed form acts as the final document that certifies the fact of shipment to the recipient.

How do I fill out Straight Bill of Lading (short form)?

The carrier must provide information about the sender and the recipient of the goods, as well as the information about the cargo — name, quantity, and weight. The value of the goods is also included in the document.

Where do I send Straight Bill of Lading (short form)?

The shipper keeps the completed and certified Bill of lading PDF form as a proof of the successful shipment.

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Welcome to exhibitor lounge sponsored by exhibit edge comm I'm your host and your trade show biologist Michael gray here each week you receive simple practical and proven tips to improve your trade show marketing strategy maximize your budget and get better results by today's topic is the straight Bill of Lading and you may go straight what do you mean straight bill awaiting everybody just refers to it as the Bill of Lading or B of L well there's actually quite a difference between a straight violating an ability now a bill elating in general is negotiable it can have pricing information it can have lots of information on the document it is what the carrier fills out and uses to ship your Freight but also bill Freight and so on a straight bill of lading is what is used on a trade show floor and that is non-negotiable and all it is it's for transfer of title of your property from the general contractor to a shipping agent that you designate on a bill lading I want to go over a little about what a straight ability is and what are what it contains now it's always going to contain the shipment origin it'll contain the shipment destination, and it'll contain the carrier's name that you need to put in okay now it also contains a block to prepay for collect shipments now prepay I always love the term because prepay just means bill — it's the carrier will bill you after the shipment is delivered okay or collect and then there's going to be a place for a name and address in order to take care of those arrangements now that's not pricing and that's not anything else it just tells the carrier that the general contractor is not liable for the cost of this shipment okay the other things on a bill lading are the number of pieces, and they're just ascription block of the shipment, and it's very important to get as detailed as you can in this section okay the general contractor will also have a reassignment block, and it's the one that says you know send back to warehouse or ship via general contractor's carrier okay and there are some techniques in here I always like to put deliver back to warehouse because I can hold the transportation company valence show up more accountable, and they just go to the warehouse, and they pay the small fee or surcharge which is usually about I've seen it around fifteen dollars per hundredweight for the general contractor to take it off the floor and take it back to his local warehouse, so that's just a strategy that can be used, but you do have to check one of those two boxes now the method of freight which is something people don't check a lot, but that's very important I mean on this bill lading it talks about murder Freight air freight van line or other especially if it's a POV or privately owned vehicle you're going to want to specify the carrier method and most importantly you're going to want to specify the date you need it delivered by if you're doing two-day air or if you're doing motor freight, but you know I mean not...
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